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"The Greatest Cake in America"

- The Huffington Post

• About Us •

Prantl’s Bakery is a Pittsburgh institution. Its “Burnt Almond Torte” and 100+ sinful sweets have been a tradition for the last 40 years. In addition to our old-fashioned delicious fruit Danishes, nut-filled coffeecakes, key lime pie and buttery croissants, we are famous for our “Burnt Almond Torte”, which was conceived by Henry Prantl after a trip to California. There was an almond glut the year he went and the Almond Board was trying to get bakers to use almonds in new and inspiring ways. Henry picked up a few ideas and brought them back to Pittsburgh where he refined them into our current recipe for the unique and addictive dessert. If you’ve never had our Burnt Almond Torte, you really do have to try one. If you have had one, you know what we’re talking about! ​ Henry and Jane Prantl retired from the business in 2007. The bakery continues under its current ownership team of Annette Mich, Lara Bruhn, and Matt Bruhn, who strive to maintain the tradition of high quality baked goods.