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Refreshing the look of a Pittsburgh classic bakery

  • Role
  • UX/UI, Visual, Front-End

  • Design Tools
  • Illustrator, HTML/CSS

  • Team
  • Eileen Huang, Diana Sun

  • Duration
  • Nov 2015 - Dec 2015 (1 month)

  • Link
  • Prantls Redesign
  • Link:

The nation-wide famous Burnt Almond Torte is housed in a small, local bakery in our very own Pittsburgh, PA. While its cakes are an essential highlight to the city, I wanted to completely reimagine and redesign Prantls’ website (last redesigned in 2010) in order to increase its aesthetic appeal, as well as make it simpler for the user to navigate through.


Original Design

Our team chose to redesign Prantls Bakery because of its confusing user flow and visual design. In addition, we wanted to challenge ourselves to simplify a multi-functional website to provide essential information for a first time user wanting to learn about Prantls Bakery.

Original website

Visual and Rebranding

To define the visual branding of our redesign, we drew inspiration from vintage packaging, while trying to modernize the look and feel of the web page.

Drawing from vintage packaging to inform our palette

Responsive Design

My main role in this project was to develop the front-end framework and design how it would be responsive across multiple touchpoints. In this, I considered what information would be more suitable on a desktop experience versus a mobile experience, while still maintaining fluidity through desktop resizing. Check out the fully developed site here.

Final design